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Epishine receives 80 million SEK (EUR 8 million) – AxSol becomes largest individual shareholder

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Pollux releases their third product with Epishine’s light cell

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Epishine and Optiqo collaborate to improve sustainability, monitoring and quality management of cleaning and facility management services

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Epishine, Evonik and Ynvisible showcase a self-powered smart signage solution

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Joint webinar with three leading actors in micro energy harvesting – Epishine, e-peas and CAP-XX

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Epishine launches its first revolutionary product and hires a CEO with experience in industrial scaling

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Kristina Hagstedt
Communication Manager

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Mattias Josephson
VP Business Development

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About Epishine

Epishine is a leading developer and manufacturer of printed organic solar cells, committed to reducing global environmental impact by enabling innovative and smart technologies in meeting the demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Epishine's business is based on pioneering manufacturing breakthroughs. Their first product is a unique organic solar cell optimized for harvesting ambient indoor light and easily integrated into small low-power electronics.

If you are interested in investing in Epishine, they’re planning a bridge during autumn 2022 and the next equity round late 2023.

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