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Stay tuned for regular insights and news about how our solar technology is shaping a sustainable future and transforming industries. Keep track on our upcoming events and deep dive into our blog posts to learn more about what we are up to.

Opticon and Epishine Showcase Groundbreaking Solar-Powered Electronic Shelf Labels at NRF 2024

Opticon, in collaboration with Epishine, proudly unveils its newest advancement in retail technology at the NRF in New York City: centralized light-powered electronic shelf labels (ESLs). This innovative offering signifies a leap forward in powering electronics, aiming to reduce the total cost of ownership for customers while providing a more sustainable solution to the retail industry. Showcased at the NRF, this technology demonstrates a commitment to both sustainability and cutting-edge retail solutions.

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Dinbox Launches Sustainable, Maintenance-free Digital Name Plates Powered by Light

Dinbox, a leading player in property technology solutions, introduces self-sustaining digital name plates in collaboration with Epishine, a Swedish energy impact company. With Dinbox’s solution, property managers are able to update the devices’ information through cloud services, and eliminate the need for costly installations and product maintenance such as battery replacements, due to their light-powered design.

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Sally R, ELSYS, and Epishine Partner to Make the Shift to Sustainable Buildings Easier and More Accessible

In a groundbreaking move toward advancing smart building solutions, industry leaders Sally R, a pioneer in smart building control, leading sensor supplier ELSYS, and indoor solar cell manufacturer Epishine have joined forces to provide a complete solution. The collaboration is simplifying sustainable building practices, where all aspects of smart building management are taken into consideration. Importantly, this partnership underscores indoor solar cells as a pivotal power source for sensors, marking a new era in building optimization.

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Epishine Unveils Groundbreaking Low-Carbon Footprint and Takes Global Lead in Sustainable Power Solutions for IOT and Consumer Electronics 

Epishine, a leading energy impact company, proudly announces a significant breakthrough in the sustainability aspects of its technology. Through extensive research and development efforts, Epishine’s patented production process has achieved a groundbreaking low carbon footprint of 0,86 g CO2eq/cm2. Solidifying its position as a frontrunner in environmentally conscious technology, with significantly less CO2 emission than the batteries that has previously powered the same devices.

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Signostium Releases Digital Door and Information-Signs, Powered by Epishine's Indoor Solar Cells 

Signostium, a frontrunner in facility management solutions, develops digital door and information-signs, powered by Epishine's market leading printed solar cells. This technology not only streamlines administration and management processes but also aligns seamlessly with Signostium's mission to pioneer a more sustainable and efficient way of distributing information in facilities.

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Epishine and The Things Industries Collaborate to Redefine Self-Powered IoT Solutions on LoRaWAN®  

Epishine, a leading energy impact company, and The Things Industries, a prominent player in integrated IoT solutions, are excited to announce a dynamic partnership that is set to reshape the development landscape of self-powered electronics on LoRaWAN. This collaboration introduces a self-powered device, merging Epishine's indoor solar cell technology with The Things Industries’ comprehensive suite of products and services for end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on the LoRaWAN network.

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Epishine and Raynergy Tek Forge a Stronger Partnership to Drive Innovation in Sustainable Indoor Solar Cells

Market-leading indoor solar cell manufacturer Epishine and advanced organic semiconductor supplier Raynergy Tek announce the signing of a supplier agreement. This strategic partnership represents a milestone in their shared commitment to advancing the field of indoor solar cell technology through collaborative efforts and combined expertise in their respective fields.

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MClimate Releases Maintenance Free CO2 Display Powered By Organic Indoor Solar Cells from Epishine and LoRaWAN®

MClimate in joint efforts with Epishine, a leading indoor solar cell producer, is now offering the self-powered CO2 Display that can monitor Carbon dioxide (CO2). Using a low-power NDIR sensing module provided by one of the leading manufacturers worldwide, the device can be used for any indoor space like classrooms, offices, hospitals, shops, public buildings, and many more.

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