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Dinbox Launches Sustainable, Maintenance-free Digital Name Plates Powered by Light

Dinbox, a leading player in property technology solutions, introduces self-sustaining digital name plates in collaboration with Epishine, a Swedish energy impact company. With Dinbox’s solution, property managers are able to update the devices’ information through cloud services, and eliminate the need for costly installations and product maintenance such as battery replacements, due to their light-powered design. 


Dinbox provides a comprehensive system for properties, offering everything from locks to mailboxes, all with communication through their cloud-based service. Their technology solutions are currently in place at over 25,000 addresses and their ambition is to be a leading provider for all property technology needs. 

Daniel Gren, Product Manager at Dinbox, says, “There is significant interest in wireless name plates at apartment doors. Alongside our other products, both names and keys can be updated automatically and remotely, not only reducing management and maintenance costs, but also benefiting the environment with fewer car trips. 

The opportunity to provide wireless name plates powered by light in collaboration with Epishine is truly fantastic. At Dinbox, we have for a long time been interested in Epishine's solution, so we are very pleased to develop a product using their technology.” 

Epishine prints organic solar cells using their patented roll-to-roll production technology. These solar cells are optimized for indoor light and are used to make electronics self-sufficient. 

The fact that the name plates require no maintenance in the form of battery replacements or expensive cable installations, combined with Dinbox's cloud service for communication, streamlines the products’ management for property owners. This, in turn, enables other optimizations, contributing to more sustainable buildings and achieving cost-effective maintenance through sustainable solutions. 

Daniel Westling VP Sales and Marketing at Epshine further elaborated “Dinbox recognizes the importance of understanding properties’ necessities and then providing tailored solutions for them. The evolution towards smart buildings has only just begun, but it is largely driven by innovative companies like Dinbox taking steps like this to reduce the environmental impact of their product and its usage.” 

The market has demonstrated a substantial demand for a solution like this, owing to the efficiency of the system’s cloud-based management and the impact that it will have on operations and maintenance, both environmentally and cost-wise. A single property may have up to 200 name plates powered by light, reflecting a broader market potential that extends to 2,600,000 apartments in Sweden in multi-dwelling buildings. 

We provide people with a smoother living experience. 

Dinbox is the industry's first cloud-based system and the Nordic's largest supplier of property boxes. We are very proud to deliver solutions and technology tailored for all types of tenant-owned apartments and management needs, whether using solely our systems or integrating with others. 

As of 2020 Dinbox is part of RCO Group.  

Epishine is a Swedish energy impact company, reimagining the capture of light with market-leading printed organic solar cells.   

Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered, making cables, disposable batteries and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past.       

Daniel Gren 
Product and Marketing Manager 
+46 (0)70 094 72 60 

Kristina Hagstedt  
Communication Manager  
 +46 (0)73 466 63 43