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We are a Swedish energy impact company, reimagining the capture of light with market-leading printed organic solar cells.

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A smarter way to power electronics

Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered making cables, disposable batteries, and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past.

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Are you interested in the transition to green energy?

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Are you interested in the transition to green energy?

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Sustainability and digitalization are revolutionizing retail, reducing waste and streamlining logistics. With supermarkets' extensive shelf labels, frequent battery changes are both costly and eco-unfriendly. Collaborate with Epishine for ESLs powered by our efficient low-light solar cells. These ESLs are durable, maintenance-free, sleeker, and symbolize sustainable retail.



Today sensors rely on wires, which are costly and cumbersome, or batteries that need regular maintenance and carry environmental concerns. We provide a sustainable alternative: our technology captures indoor light to self-power electronics. This not only reduces costs and environmental impact but also fuels innovations in areas like energy-efficient buildings and smart amenities. With light-powered electronics, the possibilities are vast.


Consumer Electronics

Sustainability is transforming consumer electronics. Imagine remote controls and AirPods powered by light instead of batteries. The constant battery changes are costly and environmentally challenging. By using Epishine's low-light solar cells in your products, you can eliminate battery reliance, offer a sleeker design, and place your brand at the pinnacle of sustainable innovation.


We envision a world where energy is made abundant when everything touched by light can capture energy.

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