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Light Energy Harvesting Demystified - free webinar, Feb 2, 2022.
February 2 - free online webinar

Light Energy Harvesting - Demystified

What electronic devices can be powered by indoor light? How and where does it work? What components are needed?

These questions and more will be answered in you free live webinar "Light Energy Harvesting - Demystified". You will also see examples of applications that can be driven with ambient indoor light through our organic solar cell.

Join us and get your questions about light energy harvesting answered on February 2nd at 17.00 (CET).

More information and registration to the webinar
December 13 - Quality Certification

ISO Certificate

We are now certificated to have established and applied a management system according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 regarding development, sales and manufacturing of printed solar cells.

These certifications ensure us to produce a high and consistent product quality, contributing to environmental sustainability and the guarantee of a safe and healthy workplaces.

More information about ISO International Standards
ISO Certification
ISO 9007
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
Buy our LEH3 modules or eval-kit at Farnell and Newark
December 3 - New Epishine items at Farnell and Newark

Epishine's organic solar cells and evaluation kit - now available for order

Now you can also buy your own set of Epishine's organic solar cells at Farnell and Newark. Since earlier the electronic components distributors has provided Epishine’s evaluation kit.

Order Epishine's solar cell or evaluation kit

Worldwide launch of Optiqo’s QlvrBox extended with Epishine’s organic solar cells optimised to harvest indoor lighting.

Epishine and Optiqo have collaborated and this has now resulted in a brand-new version of Optiqo's QlvrBox powered with organic solar cells optimized to harvest indoor lighting that now is available for order worldwide. This version of the QlvrBox enables improved sustainability, monitoring and quality management of cleaning and facility management services.

Read our press release with Optiqo

A future with fewer disposable batteries

The accelerating digital transformation requires new solutions such as energy harvesting to cut the cost of battery replacements and reduce the environmental impact by eliminating the need to replace potentially trillions of disposable batteries.

Our brand new light energy harvesting modules are optimised for indoor light conditions.

Epishine is a game-changer for small electronics

Cut your maintenance costs for battery replacements

Reduce your battery related climate impact

Improve your user experience

Are you interested in the transition to green energy?

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