We just released a unique solar cell optimized for indoor light

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Epishine has signed an agreement with Computer Controls to strengthen their presence in more countries

Epishine has signed an agreement with CCAG, the Swiss IT distribution house with an international reputation, for their Organic Indoor Light Energy Harvesting Modules (LEHs).

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June 24 - Press release

Epishine receives 80 million SEK (EUR 8 million) – AxSol becomes largest individual shareholder

Epishine has developed a pioneering, patented process for printing organic solar cells with industry-leading low-light efficiency. They have just launched their first product on the world market: a small-scale solar cell that harvests indoor light to supply power to IoT products. They have received 80 million SEK (EUR 8 million) to position themselves as the market leader in printed solar cells.

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June 2 - Online Summit

Epishine at Ecosummit Zoom 2021

Anna Björklou, CEO, will present Epishine at Ecosummit on June 2 at 10.50.
Ecosummit accelerates smart green startups in energy, mobility and cities to save our climate and planet. Their mission is to maximising our impact until 2030, the global deadline for carbon neutrality.  

Epishine light cell and light cell with diffusor.
April 21st - FREE WEBINAR

Light Energy Harvesting Demystified

Learn about light energy harvesting, what components are needed to make it work, how and where can you use it and much more.

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Now OUR world unique "LIGHT cell" is here

All information from our product release

We've compiled webinar recordings, customer stories, Q&A and press-material from our product release.

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Image representing Epishine's product release.

A future with fewer disposable batteries

The accelerating digital transformation requires new "energy harvesting" technologies to reduce the cost of battery replacements and the environmental impact by potentially trillions of disposable batteries.

Our brand new light energy harvesting modules are optimised for indoor light conditions.

Epishine is a game-changer for small electronics

Cut maintenance costs for battery replacements

Reduce your battery related climate impact

Improve the user experience

Are you interested in the transition to green energy?

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