Epishine is a leading developer and manufacturer of printed organic solar cells

Epishine products; light energy harvesting module, evaluation kit, etc

Epishine is building a new solar cell factory in Linköping with its aim set at exceptional capacity

Epishine’s business is based on their pioneering, patented process for printing solar cells. Their first product is a thin, flexible organic solar cell that harvests indoor light to power electronics indoor. The market's response has been overwhelming and thus, to meet the international demand, Epishine will relocate to larger premises in Linköping, Sweden.

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July 6-7 - EVENT

Meet Epishine at LoRaWAN World Expo

Meet Henrik Öhman, Account Executive, at the exhibition LoRaWAN World Expo on July 6-7, 2022. The event takes place in Paris, France

Send an email to Henrik Öhman if you want to meet!

Book a meeting with Henrik Öhman at LoRaWAN World Expo
Henrik Öhman at LoRaWAN World Expo

A future with fewer disposable batteries

The accelerating digital transformation requires new solutions such as energy harvesting to cut the cost of battery replacements and reduce the environmental impact by eliminating the need to replace potentially trillions of disposable batteries.

Our brand new light energy harvesting modules are optimised for indoor light conditions.

Epishine is a game-changer for small electronics

Cut your maintenance costs for battery replacements

Reduce your battery related climate impact

Improve your user experience

Some of the pioneers using our solar cells

Are you interested in the transition to green energy?

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