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Epishine, a leading energy impact company, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with PowerFilm Solar, the US leader in thin, flexible solar cells. This collaboration marks a significant step in Epishine’s expansion into the US market, teaming up with PowerFilm Solar to be their option for ultra-low-light applications.  


This venture introduces a smarter way to power electronics to the US market and aligns with Epishine’s US market strategy. By combining Epishine’s advanced, low-light indoor solar cells with PowerFilm Solar's extensive experience in integrating solar cells into various products, the partnership aims to redefine how light is captured and utilized for indoor applications. 

"Joining forces with PowerFilm Solar is a great match for several reasons," said Anders Kottenauer, CEO at Epishine. "Their standing as leaders in thin, flexible solar cells enhances our vision of transforming how electronic devices are powered by introducing sustainable, efficient, and innovative solar solutions for ultra-low-light indoor environments." 

This collaboration will introduce Epishine's cutting-edge technology, known for its high efficiency in ultra-low-light conditions, to a broader audience in the US. Leveraging PowerFilm Solar’s robust distribution network and market expertise, both companies capitalize on the advantages of innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing that enables thin and flexible solar cells for seamless integration into devices. The focus is on sustainable, smart power solutions for various indoor applications, from IoT devices to smart home technology, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable energy sources. 

President of PowerFilm, Daniel Stieler added, "Epishine's innovative approach to solar technology is exactly what we look for in a partner. Their unique solar cells, ideal for ultra low-light indoor use, complement our portfolio of indoor solar technology and help us lead the way in custom sustainable energy solutions in the US." 

The partnership is a powerful demonstration of both company's commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. It's a significant step forward in adopting renewable energy sources within indoor settings throughout the US. 

Epishine is a Swedish energy impact company reimagining the capture of light with market-leading printed organic solar cells. Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered, making cables, disposable batteries and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past. 

PowerFilm specializes in custom solar solutions using a selection of photovoltaic technologies. We choose the best one for your specific application, whether a few kilowatts in an outdoor setting or a few microwatts indoors. Controlling each step in engineering, design, and production, PowerFilm delivers the highest quality and performing systems.