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Epishine and Nanopower Semiconductor Forge Strategic Partnership for Innovative IoT Power Solutions

In a significant development for IoT technology, Epishine, a leader in organic solar cells, has partnered with Nanopower, a semiconductor company with revolutionary low-power nanowatt-range technology. Together, their mission is to provide options for the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape by offering solutions solely powered by Epishine’s indoor solar cells.

The partnership aims to combine Epishine's expertise in indoor solar cells with Nanopower's groundbreaking technology, which substantially reduces power consumption in IoT devices. This collaboration is set to redefine industry standards for energy efficiency and eliminate batteries while keeping all functionality intact.

Epishine’s printed indoor solar cells present a smarter way to power electronics, allowing for maintenance-free and sustainable self-powered devices. The integration of these solar cells with Nanopower's nPZero chip sets new standards for energy efficiency. The nPZero chip achieves a reduction of power consumption of up to 90%. This advanced power management, coupled with the ability for devices to remain responsive in low power modes and wake up based on schedules or specific events, ensures that IoT devices powered by Epishine's solar cells and Nanopower's chips offer unprecedented battery life and monitoring capabilities. This integration not only extends operational life but also preserves all critical functions, marking a game-changing breakthrough in sustainable IoT solutions.

"Epishine is thrilled to partner with Nanopower. Their energy efficient solutions are precisely what's needed for smart solutions of the future. Our combined efforts align with the new era of energy efficient IoT solutions, ensuring longer operational life and sustainable solutions," said Niklas Forsgren, Head of Product Integration at Epishine.

Nanopower stands out for its ability to operate in the nanoampere range, significantly extending the lifespan of battery-powered devices. This development is especially critical for IoT systems, where energy efficiency and longevity are paramount.

"The collaboration with Epishine aligns perfectly with our vision. Nanopower represents a leap forward in low-power technology, enabling more sustainable and cost-effective IoT applications suitable for cutting-edge energy harvesting solutions such as Epishine’s indoor solar cells," stated Tore Irgens Kuhnle, CEO at Nanopower.

About Nanopower
Nanopower Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that redefines low power for microelectronics, enabling large-scale and environmentally sustainable deployment of IoT devices and networks. Nanopower has developed the unique nPZero power-saving IC that offers extremely low-power performance to any battery- or energy harvesting-powered system.
Nanopower development is part-funded through the EU’s European Innovation Council.

About Epishine  
Epishine is a Swedish energy impact company, reimagining the capture of light with market-leading printed organic solar cells. Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered, making cables, disposable batteries and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past. 
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