A smarter way to power electronics.

Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered, making cables, disposable batteries and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past.

No more waste of money, time and planet


Today, electronics is typically powered either by wire or batteries. Wires are cumbersome and costly to install. Batteries need to be either changed or charged, which requires maintenance. In addition, both single-use batteries and rechargeable lithium­ ion batteries come with significant environmental and human costs that no conscientious company should neglect. We offer a smarter way to power electronics.


Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered. Saving time, cost, and reducing the environmental footprint for our customers. Our light power solutions are powering everything from sensors for optimizing energy efficiency in buildings to smart restroom facilities and digital price tags. The room for innovation is seemingly endless when electronics can be self-powered by light.

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Epishine Unveils the World's Most Resource- Efficient Solar Cell Factory

Epishine, a pioneering Swedish energy impact company, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new solar cell factory with a capacity of one hundred million modules per year. This expansion into a larger state-of-the-art roll-to-roll facility is a direct result of the growing market interest across industries and a wide range of applications.
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Sally R, ELSYS, and Epishine Partner to Make the Shift to Sustainable Buildings Easier and More Accessible

In a groundbreaking move toward advancing smart building solutions, industry leaders Sally R, a pioneer in smart building control, leading sensor supplier ELSYS, and indoor solar cell manufacturer Epishine have joined forces to provide a complete solution. The collaboration is simplifying sustainable building practices, where all aspects of smart building management are taken into consideration. Importantly, this partnership underscores indoor solar cells as a pivotal power source for sensors, marking a new era in building optimization.
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Epishine Unveils Groundbreaking Low-Carbon Footprint and Takes Global Lead in Sustainable Power Solutions for IOT and Consumer Electronics 

Epishine, a leading energy impact company, proudly announces a significant breakthrough in the sustainability aspects of its technology. Through extensive research and development efforts, Epishine’s patented production process has achieved a groundbreaking low carbon footprint of 0,86 g CO2eq/cm2. Solidifying its position as a frontrunner in environmentally conscious technology, with significantly less CO2 emission than the batteries that has previously powered the same devices.