Enabling sustainable Iot-growth

An optimised maintenance solution that reduces or eliminates disposable batteries

Enabling sustainable IoT growth


The demand to measure everywhere and display data everywhere via connected devices is almost insatiable. What often hinders is the challenge of handling more battery replacements. Technology that don't need this kind of maintenance will be able to be sold in much larger volumes.

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The accelerating digital transformation will result in trillions of new disposable batteries. Light is the most common energy source to harvest if you want to construct electronics that reduces or eliminates the need of batteries.

Examples of applications

Customer experiences

Per Melin, Co-Founder of Pollux at Epishine's product release
Pollux Innovation
Per Melin, Co-Founder

Temperature & humidity sensor

Andres Gomez, Research Engineer at Miromico AG at Epishine's product release
Andres Gomez, Research Engineer

Mirocard - Flexible access card or sensor platform

Hans Ahnström, CEO of ACSS at Epishine's product release
Hans Ahnström, CEO

Electronic locks

Cut maintenance cost
up to


Reduce climate impact
up to


Extended battery lifetime
up to

10+ years
full design freedom

Our thin cells fit into any sensor, almost unnoticeable

Cell on top

Partially covered cell

Fully covered cell and no battery

(enabling a slim profile)
Epishine Solar Cells Are

Thin and flexible

Functional in low light settings

Made of organic material

Small but powerful

Environmentally friendly

Easily integrated into many applications