An optimised maintenance solution that reduces or eliminates disposable batteries

Epishine is a leader developer and manufacturer of indoor solar cells.
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Enabling sustainable IoT growth


The demand to measure everything and display data everywhere via connected devices is almost insatiable. What often hinders is the challenge of handling more battery replacements. Technology that don't need this kind of maintenance will be able to be sold in much larger volumes.


The accelerating digital transformation will result in trillions of new disposable batteries. Light is the most common energy source to harvest if you want to construct electronics that reduces or eliminates the need of batteries.

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Epishine is a game-changer for small electronics

Temperature and humidity measurement

Lighting control


Electronic Locks

People counting

Electronic shelf labels

Assets tracking

Smoke alarms

Magnet contacts

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Epishine solar cells are...

Thin and flexible
Made of organic materials
Environmentally friendly
Functional in low light settings
Small but powerful
Easily integrated into many applications
Cut maintenance cost up to


Reduce climate impact up to


Extended battery lifetime years up to


Latest news

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Epishine’s Unique Production Process Brings Further Advancements to the Solar Energy Industry

Swedish Epishine has made advancements for printed outdoor organic photovoltaics within the Solar Era funded project NFA4R2ROPV thanks to their breakthrough manufacturing process of roll-to-roll printed solar cells.   
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Epishine is the winner in the ABB Electrification Challenge 2023!

Epishine is the winner of the smart building category in the ABB Electrification Challenge 2023!
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Worldwide Launch of the Epishine OneCell, Brings Design and Market-Leading Performance Together

Swedish Epishine is launching their second revolutionary product to the market. Following their previous solar cells, the new OneCell has the same market-leading high performance in low-light, but with an added focus on design.