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Core breakthroughs

Epishine was founded on the basis of 30+ years of research in organic electronics, photovoltaics and the development of our breakthrough manufacturing process within printed organic solar cells. This unique manufacturing process, among other advantages, achieves a ground breaking level of scalability in terms of manufacturing and provides industry-leading efficiency in low light conditions.


First product

Our first product is optimised for harvesting energy in low light, indoor environments. It’s a small, thin and flexible light cell, printed on recyclable plastic that is easily integrated into wireless products where it converts the ambient light into electricity. The light cells can be used to partly or completely power wireless sensors and similar devices in our increasingly connected world.


Epic vision

Our mission is to be at the forefront of printed organic solar cells and, in a series of phases, to offer the world's most scalable, resource-efficient and affordable solar cell. Our company was founded in 2016 and has headquarters, lab and manufacturing in Linköping.

Customers and partners

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Epishine is part of the European Union’s Life program 2022

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