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Indoor solar cells with industry-leading low light efficiency
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Indoor solar cell

Epishine’s indoor solar cells are the result of 30+ years experience of research in organic electronics and photovoltaics. Epishine's indoor solar cells are flexible and can be used alone or in conjunction with capacitors to replace batteries or prolong their lifetime in low-power applications.

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Ideal for powering wireless indoor low-power applications, such as IoT devices, various sensors, etc.

Optimized for use under indoor light conditions, e.g. office, supermarket, home, etc.

Flexible and lightweight design with 0.2 mm thickness.
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Our modules can be purchased at:


Easily integrated in to different products


Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kit is designed to show how our indoor solar cells can power wireless low-power devices that are normally powered by batteries. It combines Epishines indoor solar cells with an supercapacitor as an energy buffer and intelligent charging management to support various output voltages and energy storage solutions. It can even use an external primary battery as a backup.

The evaluation kit can deliver sufficient output current to power most low-power radios such as BLE, Zigbee, LoRa and similar. It is thin and flexible to showcase the unique product integration and design possibilities of Epishine's indoor solar cells

Our evaluation kit can be purchased at:

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Eval-kit for Epishine's light energy harvesting cells

Is there enough light?

One of the most important questions for our customers is how much light there is to harvest at the places where they intend to set up their devices. To help with the feasibility study, we have developed Sven, a sensor that measures the light where your products normally are deployed. 


This product is currently not for sales separately, but can be rented in joint projects


Low light
50 lux
~2 µW/cm²


Overhead light
200 lux
~8 µW/cm²


500 lux
~20 µW/cm²


1000 lux
~40 µW/cm²

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Our Product Integration Team

We have expertise in energy harvesting electronics, mechanics and design in our Product Integration team who work very closely with the customers in our projects.

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Quality certifications

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