Harvesting Light

Using small solar cells to harness low light energy

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Small solar cells

We have moved from being dependent on power outlets to relying on traditional batteries. Now we are ready to move again—away from traditional toxic batteries and to a more environmentally friendly and effective solution—small solar cells.

Low light

50 lux

~2 µW/cm²

Overhead light

200 lux

~8 µW/cm²


500 lux

~20 µW/cm²


1000 lux

~40 µW/cm²

Harness indoor light

Epishine’s small solar cells are able to harvest light energy in low light conditions. These light energy harvesting modules are able to harness indoor light from as little as 10lux and use it to support low power devices.

Keep your devices powered

Use our solar cells together with a supercapacitor to keep your devices powered, even when the lights are off. Imagine the difference reducing or eliminating disposable batteries would make in a world teeming with trillions of sensors.

Epishine Solar Cells Are

Thin and Flexible

Functional in Low Light Settings

Made of Organic Material

Small but Powerful

Environmentally Friendly

Easily Integrated into Many Applications

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