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Sentinum and Epishine Collaborate to Launch Innovative Sensor Powered by Light

In a move toward sustainable and user-friendly technology, Sentinum, an IFM company, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest product: a temperature and humidity sensor enabled for both Mioty and LoRa, powered by Epishine’s leading organic indoor solar cells. The collaboration between Sentinum and Epishine marks a milestone in the adoption of innovative solutions within sensors, offering a sustainable, maintenance-free alternative to traditional battery-powered devices.  

A substantial deployment of sensors is essential for optimizing smart buildings. The use of IoT devices in commercial smart buildings is expected to exceed hundreds of millions of devices worldwide by 2028. Relying on traditional battery-powered solutions would involve significant effort in maintenance and replacements, making it impractical and unsustainable. This challenge highlights the critical need for innovative, low-maintenance power solutions like the light-powered sensors developed by Sentinum, which offer a more practical solution with lower total cost of ownership.  

Emphasizing the ease of installation and the elimination of battery waste, this launch marks just the beginning of Sentinum’s journey towards self-sustaining technology. Sentinum has announced plans to expand its portfolio of light-powered products, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and sustainability. 

In a statement from Sentinum, Manuel Hart CEO elaborated "We're excited to launch our latest temperature and humidity sensor, developed in partnership with Epishine. This collaboration leverages cutting-edge solar technology to enhance convenience and reduce total cost of ownership. Our product is designed to simplify installation, eliminate maintenance, and provide a long-lasting solution for our customers, reflecting our commitment to innovation and superior user experience."  

Anders Kottenauer, CEO at Epishine also expressed his thoughts “Partnering with Sentinum to bring their sensor to market is a proud moment for us. It showcases the versatility and potential of our solar cell technology in powering a new generation of electronic devices. Together, we are taking a significant step towards a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.”  

About Sentinum  
Sentinum offers IoT solutions for municipalities and companies, ranging from the development of their own sensors to the implementation of intelligent web-services for end users.  

They have specialized in energy self-sufficient and wireless sensors based on energy-efficient LPWAN communication technologies such as MIOTY®, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN® and offer scalable and inexpensive products for the Smart City of tomorrow. 

About Epishine  
Epishine is a Swedish energy impact company, reimagining the capture of light with market leading printed organic solar cells.  

Our technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered, making cables, disposable batteries and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past. 

Manuel Hart 

Kristina Hagstedt    
Communication Manager