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Stay tuned for regular insights and news about how our solar technology is shaping a sustainable future and transforming industries. Keep track on our upcoming events and deep dive into our blog posts to learn more about what we are up to.

Pricer and Epishine in strategic partnership to set the foundation for the next generation sustainable light-powered electronic shelf labels

Today’s fast-paced retail environment requires innovative digital solutions without compromising sustainability. Pricer, a leading supplier of shelf edge automation and communication solutions, will explore the possibilities of a new generation of advanced electronic shelf labels (ESL) making them self-powered through light in partnership with Swedish Epishine.

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Epishine is building a new solar cell factory in Linköping with its aim set at exceptional capacity

Epishine’s business is based on their pioneering, patented process for printing solar cells. Their first product is a thin, flexible organic solar cell that harvests indoor light to power electronics indoor. The market's response has been overwhelming and thus, to meet the international demand, Epishine will relocate to larger premises in Linköping, Sweden

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ASCA and Epishine sign their first licensing agreement for printed OPV

Epishine, a key player in the development and production of printed organic solar cells and current global leader on indoor OPV is partnering with ASCA – an ARMOR Group company and the organic photovoltaics (OPV) global leader, to strengthen and further develop the world-wide OPV market. ASCA recently acquired the most relevant intellectual property (IP) portfolio on printed OPV and the companies have signed a licensing agreement to share it beginning of April. The contract will enable the Swedish-based manufacturer Epishine to further improve its organic indoor light energy harvesting solar modules.

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Worldwide launch of Optiqo’s QlvrBox extended with Epishine's organic solar cells optimised to harvest indoor lighting.

Epishine and Optiqo have collaborated and this has now resulted in a brand-new version of Optiqo's QlvrBox powered with organic solar cells optimized to harvest indoor lighting that now is available for order worldwide. This version of the QlvrBox enables improved sustainability, monitoring and quality management of cleaning and facility management services.

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Epishine signs distribution agreement with Farnell to enable light energy harvesting within electronic design

The innovative Swedish manufacturer of printed organic solar cells and development kits Epishine has signed a new franchise agreement with Farnell, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions. The new-to-market printed organic solar cells are optimised for harvesting energy from indoor, low energy lighting enabling organic solar power to be used everywhere. Design engineers can utilise this new and innovative technology with Epishine’s Light Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit. Farnell is the first high service distributor to stock products from Epishine.

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Epishine receives 80 million SEK (EUR 8 million) – AxSol becomes largest individual shareholder

Epishine has developed a pioneering, patented process for printing organic solar cells with industry-leading low-light efficiency. They have just launched their first product on the world market: a small-scale solar cell that harvests indoor light to supply power to IoT products. They have received 80 million SEK (EUR 8 million) to position themselves as the market leader in printed solar cells.

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