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A smarter way to power electronics

Explore the Innovative World of Epishine Products

We're proud to offer a range of cutting-edge indoor solar cells, each designed with precision and care. Our products stand out for their efficiency, sustainability, and groundbreaking technology. Dive into our portfolio and discover how our products are setting new standards in the realm of sustainable electronics.

  • MultiCell

    When Cost and LCA are Top Priority

    Epishine’s technology enables multicell modules, optimizing voltage for more cost-efficient electronics and enhanced LCA. 

    With the right input voltage, Epishine’s MultiCell provides no losses in voltage conversion and thereby a higher system efficiency, smaller and cheaper electronics, and better total LCA for the entire system.

  • OneCell

    When Design is Top Priority

    Epishine is one of very few indoor solar cell actors that offer flexible solar cells for seamless integration.

    Epishine’s OneCell targets design-oriented customers, available with different laminated, transparent texture foils and is easily integrated into everyday products.

Superior low light efficiency

Epishine's Printed Indoor Solar Cells

Download our latest data sheet or get in touch with us to learn more


What sizes are available?
Please download our latest product datasheet above for detailed information on the available sizes of our solar cells.
How much energy do they generate?
It depends on the surrounding conditions but our solar cells generate approximately 22µW/cm² at 500 lux
Are they bendable?
Yes, our solar cells are flexible. However, for specific requirements, please contact us to discuss more precisely.
What is the lowest measurable LUX level they work in?
Our solar cells are designed to function effectively in extremely low light conditions, operating from levels as low as 1 Lux.

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Continuous improvements

Dedicated Development

Behind each of our products lies a story of innovation and dedication. Our R&D team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of printed solar cell technology, ensuring that every product we release is a step forward in efficiency and sustainability. 

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