Epishine harvests light for a sustainable world

Environmentally friendly, cells that are as efficient as competing options and don’t negatively impact the environment.

This is how our solar cells are so efficient

Epishine solar cells are comparable in efficiency to conventional energy sources in direct light exposure and more efficient in low-light exposure.

Our solar cells are efficient in cold temperatures, making them more adaptable to diverse environments. They also offer an 80% reduction in maintenance costs compared to batteries.


Cut maintenance cost


Reduce of climate impact

10 years

Extended battery lifetime

This is how our solar cells enable so much design freedom

Epishine solar cells are thin and flexible, making it easy to integrate them in a variety of products and designs – without affecting the look and feel. You can now use the power of harvesting light in tiny components and modules – something that hasn’t been previously possible with traditional solar cells due to its costliness.

Apply full design freedom

Example with partially covered cell.

This is why our cells are environmentally friendly

We use biopolymers to ensure components are compostable. No metals. No scarce or toxic materials. Fully recyclable.

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