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Enable Smart Buildings

Wires are cumbersome and costly to install. Batteries need to be either changed or charged, which requires maintenance. In addition, both single-use batteries and rechargeable lithium­ ion batteries come with significant environmental and resource costs that no conscientious company should neglect. We offer a smarter way to power your sensors.
  • 40%

    Of energy consumption comes from buildings in Europe.
  • 27%

    Of annual global CO2 emissions come from building operations.
  • 1 billion +

    Sensors per day will be deployed to lower the energy consumption and CO2 emissions from buildings, and they need to be powered.
Sustainable IoT

Lower energy consumption with data on usage

Do you want to provide the IoT-technology that enables large-scale deployments? We have a disruptive indoor solar cell that captures indoor light.

Epishine’s printed indoor solar cells are both organic and easy to integrate. The thin, flexible cells can easily be integrated into typical sensor housings or have custom integrations together with our product integration team.

  • Optimized for low light

    Epishine’s indoor solar cells are designed for indoor light from low energy lighting, optimized for the corner cases indoors when you have very little light to capture.
  • Thin and flexible

    The indoor solar cells are thin and flexible. They can easily be integrated into your sensors housing without adding extra weight or space in the mechanical casing.
  • Modern look and feel

    The form factor can even be used in rounded or curved surfaces for a modern look and feel. You can also design with different overlays for best look and feel.
Smart buildings

Truly wireless is a must

Wireless data has created the first generation of smart buildings. To digitalise larger property stocks the problem of battery maintenance must be solved with a powering solution that is smarter than batteries or wires.

Use indoor light as a power source

With our indoor solar cells, you can power your sensors by capturing the light from ordinary indoor lighting – an almost magic solution to reach reasonable maintenance costs for building automation.
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