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Innovating for a Sustainable Future with Organic Solar Cells

Discover Epishine's solar cells, the heart of our cross-industry solutions. Our advanced technology transforms any light into power, giving life to electronics far and wide. We energize the future.
Innovative solar at its core

Transforming Light into Power

At Epishine, we're not just creating solar panels; we're redefining the possibilities of photovoltaic technology, the kind of light it can convert to energy and its applications. Our advanced technology can be tuned to capture light power efficiently, not just from the blazing sun but also from other light settings such as a cloudy sky, the light passing through a window or even pure indoor lighting originating from lamps. This unique capability opens up new horizons in energy generation, where even the indoor light in your home or office becomes a source of sustainable power.
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  • The Science Behind Our Organic Solar Cells

    Epishine has a foundation of over 30 years in organic electronics and solar technology research. Traditional silicon solar cells, although common, depend on materials that are not abundant and require a lot of energy to produce. This has led to the demand for solar cells that are more environmentally friendly. Epishine's technology addresses this need by being a pivotal innovation in the field of sustainability. We use organic materials instead of scarce ones, providing an eco-friendly solution without sacrificing performance. Our solar panels are designed for energy efficiency and durability, leading to reduced environmental impact and a smarter way to power electronics.
  • Our Materials and Scalable Manufacturing Process

    Our solar cells are made using advanced materials that enhance their ability to absorb light and convert it into energy. This is achieved through a unique combination of organic compounds and nano-engineering, ensuring both flexibility and high efficiency. Our specialized material structure makes our solar cells particularly effective in low-light conditions, setting industry standards for indoor solar cell reliability.

    In 2015, Epishine's team developed a novel method for producing organic solar cells. This breakthrough technology addresses previous challenges in production, allowing for a more efficient and scalable manufacturing process. Our technology is also extensively protected, with over 130 patents ensuring its uniqueness and innovation.

  • The World's Most Sustainable Power Source

    Epishine's unique production method, along with our specialized materials, has led to a major advancement in making solar cells more sustainable. Our patented manufacturing process, developed through thorough research and development, has achieved an impressively low carbon footprint of only 0.86 grams of CO2 equivalent per square centimeter. This achievement firmly establishes Epishine as a leader in sustainable technology. Furthermore, a lifecycle analysis of our products confirms that Epishine offers the world's most sustainable solar cells, setting a new benchmark for minimal environmental impact in the solar industry.
Seamless Design

Easily Integrated

Our customers frequently commend the ease of integrating our solutions into their products, highlighting their user-friendliness. Additionally, we ensure consistent performance, with our modules showing a market-leading low variation in quality.

Our Product Integration team, which possesses extensive expertise in energy harvesting electronics, mechanics, and design, is dedicated to working closely with our clients in various projects. This collaboration guarantees a seamless and efficient integration of our solutions into customer applications.

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