Worldwide launch of Optiqo’s QlvrBox extended with Epishine's organic solar cells optimised to harvest indoor lighting.

Optiqo’s QlvrBox extended with Epishine's organic solar cells optimised to harvest indoor lighting.

Epishine and Optiqo have collaborated and this has now resulted in a brand-new version of Optiqo's QlvrBox powered with organic solar cells optimized to harvest indoor lighting that now is available for order worldwide. This version of the QlvrBox enables improved sustainability, monitoring and quality management of cleaning and facility management services.

Optiqo's QlvrBox uses real time visitor traffic data to alert maintenance technicians when facility areas require service or cleaning, which enables companies to proactively manage and validate cleaning and maintenance events to ensure 100% compliance and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. The QlvrBox also has an indicator showing the most recent service or cleaning event to ensure the facility’s visitors feel secure.

Epishine and Optiqo have cooperated to optimize Optiqo's QlvrBox. QlvrBox currently operates on batteries, enabling the device to be installed independently of the facility’s infrastructure. This feature offers a great benefit when installing the boxes, however the batteries need to be replaced every 1-3 years. The new version of QlvrBox is developed with Epishine's solution for light energy harvesting, which extends the battery life by the generated power from ambient lighting. This reduces both the number of batteries and the maintenance cost.

61801d8f6a193b3f9ef4e17b_Daniel Westling, CEO, Optiqo

Daniel Westling, Group CEO, Optiqo:

“We are excited to launch our latest version of our QlvrBox on the market. This is the next step for us at Optiqo to make our solutions even more sustainable. To prolong the intervals between battery replacements is very beneficial from an operational standpoint since our customers’ products are often present in large public places, such as airports, with hundreds of devices. To make our product greener and also lower the total cost of ownership is a very promising development. We have gotten great feedback on this extension on the exhibitions we have attended in London and Reno these last few days, which only shows that this is a step in the right direction.”

Jonas Palmér, Sales & Business Development, Epishine

Jonas Palmér, Sales & Business Development, Epishine:

“We are happy to be part of Optiqo’s strive for developing a more sustainable product. Epishine’s organic solar cells are optimized to generate electricity from indoor ambient light to power low energy devices which makes for a perfect fit for Optiqo’s QlvrBox. We are thrilled to see it being presented to the world at shows in UK and US, next week at ISSA in Las Vegas.”



Epishine is a leading developer and manufacturer of printed organic solar cells, committed to reducing global environmental impact by enabling innovative and smart technologies in meeting the demand for sustainable energy solutions.
Epishine's business is based on pioneering manufacturing breakthroughs. Their first product is a unique organic solar cell optimized for harvesting ambient indoor light and easily integrated into small low-power electronics.


Optiqo brings digitalization, IOT and AI to facility management. Their leading solutions enable total quality management, visualization and optimization of service deliveries like cleaning, maintenance and security. The company was founded in Sweden in 2012 and has since then expanded with subsidiaries in Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. Optiqo offers the most complete platform on the market for monitoring and quality control of cleaning and facility service management. The Optiqo System is digital and provides support for self-monitoring, field and facility service management control, proof of presence, work order management, deviation and response handling. This allows customers to monitor service deliveries in real time via Optiqo’s dashboards and mobile apps with a simple user interface.


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