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Epishine and Optiqo collaborate to improve sustainability, monitoring and quality management of cleaning and facility management services

Epishine and Optiqo are cooperating to optimize Optiqo's QlvrBox. QlvrBox currently operates on batteries, enabling the device to be installed independently of the facility’s infrastructure. This feature offers a great benefit when installing the boxes, however the batteries need to be replaced every 1-3 years. The new version of QlvrBox is developed using Epishine's light energy harvesting solution, and is thus powered by ordinary indoor lighting.

“Working with Epishine brings us a step further to making our solutions even more sustainable. To prolong the intervals between battery replacements is very beneficial from an operational standpoint since our customers’ products are often present in large public places, such as airports, with hundreds of devices. To make our product greener and also lower the total cost of ownership is a very promising development.”says Daniel Westling, CEO, Optiqo.
Epishine's logo with the tagline "harvesting light"
“Our solar cells are optimized togenerate sufficient electricity from ambient light, such as LEDs and fluorescentlight to power low energy devices. Lower battery maintenance costs strengthenour customers’ business cases, and the reduced usage of disposable batteriesbenefits our environment.” says Mattias Josephson, VP Business Development, Epishine.
Niklas Forsgren and Optiqo's QlvrBox

Optiqo’s QlvrBox is powered by Epishine’s solar cell that harvests indoor lighting.

These devices are currently installed in Testbed Ebbepark, for final testing and evaluation by a cleaning company in a real environment. The new QlvrBox will be available on the market in January, 2022.

Optiqo's QlvrBox uses real time visitor traffic data to alert maintenance technicians when facility areas require service or cleaning, which enables companies to proactively manage and validate cleaning and maintenance events to ensure 100% compliance and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction. The QlvrBox also has an indicator showing the most recent service or cleaning event to ensure the facility’s visitors feel secure. Read more

Testbed Ebbepark is a district in Linköping, Sweden, where businesses, organizations and scientists have the opportunity to develop and test their ideas and products in full scale. The focus of the tests carried out within the testbed is to find sustainable solutions, environmental, socially and economically. The scope includes strategies for increased recycling, smart energy solutions, charging stations for electric vehicles and much more. More information


Epishine's business is based on pioneering technology in the manufacturing of printed organic solar cells, with a product that has industry-leading low light efficiency. Epishine’s roll-to-roll printed organic solar cells are optimized for harvesting energy in indoor light conditions and are easily integrated for use in wireless products. These light cells can be used in place of batteries that need to be replaced periodically. The company was founded in 2016, and has just over 20 employees. Its headquarters are in Linköping, Sweden.


Optiqo is a PropTech-company that brings digitalization, IOT and AI to facility management. Our leading solutions enable total quality management, visualization and optimization of service deliveries like cleaning, maintenance and security. The company was founded in Sweden in 2012 and has since 2018 a subsidiary in Montreal, Canada. Optiqo offers the most complete system on the market for monitoring and quality control of cleaning and facility managment services. The Optiqo System is digital and provides support for self-monitoring, facility managment control, proof of presence, work order management, deviation and response handling. This allows customers to monitor service deliveries in real time via Optiqo’s mobile apps with a simple user interface.


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