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Assumptions for battery carbon footprint
for comparison of light powered
remote control and electronic shelf label. 

Carbon footprint of Epishine
LEH3_50x50_6_10: 37.1g CO2eq 

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Light powered carbon footprint up to 80% lower than battery powered 

  • Powered by two AAA batteries with one battery change
  • Total 4 AAA batteries
  • CO2 footprint for alkaline batteries: 107g1 for one alkaline AA battery with average weight of 23 g. AAA average weight is 12g => 55.8g CO2eq estimated per AAA alkaline battery  
  • Carbon footprint of 4 AAA alkaline batteries: 223g CO2eq
  • LEH Active area: 13.2cm2
Electronic Shelf Labels

Light powered carbon footprint up to 85% lower than battery powered

  • Powered by four CR2450 batteries with one battery change
  • Total eight batteries
  • Estimate of CO2 footprint for LiMnO2 batteries: 400g CO2eq per 49g LiMnO2 battery2. Rescaled carbon footprint to CR2450 (6.2g / battery): 50.6g CO2eq 
  • Carbon footprint of 4 CR2450 alkaline batteries: 202g CO2eq
  • LEH Active area: 7.7cm2 

1 Life Cycle Analysis of AA Alkaline Batteries, Hamade et. al, Procedia Manufacturing 43, 2020,415-422, 
2 Internal Thesis work at Epishine based on MSDS and rescaling of larger LiMnO2 batteries 




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Epishine news

News | Press release

Worldwide Launch of the Epishine OneCell, Brings Design and Market-Leading Performance Together

Swedish Epishine is launching their second revolutionary product to the market. Following their previous solar cells, the new OneCell has the same market-leading high performance in low-light, but with an added focus on design. 

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News | Press release

MClimate Releases Maintenance Free Wireless Thermostat Powered By Organic Indoor Solar Cells From Epishine and LoRaWAN®

Smart buildings top industry player MClimate launches a wireless thermostat self-powered by Epishine’s indoor solar cell with leading performance in indoor light. The sensor measures temperature, movement, humidity, and lux all while being maintenance free.

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News | Press release

Pricer and Epishine in strategic partnership to set the foundation for the next generation sustainable light-powered electronic shelf labels

Today’s fast-paced retail environment requires innovative digital solutions without compromising sustainability. Pricer, a leading supplier of shelf edge automation and communication solutions, will explore the possibilities of a new generation of advanced electronic shelf labels (ESL) making them self-powered through light in partnership with Swedish Epishine.

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