Self-powered ESL:s for sustainable retail

    Light powered ESL:s are maintenance free, have 10+ years life-time, are thinner than with batteries, and is a sign for sustainable retail. 

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    Electronic Shelf Labels with light power
    Electronic Shelf Label with Epishine's solar cell

    Tens of thousands of batteries to replace

    A big supermarket has more than 20,000 shelf labels. That's a lot of batteries to replace! This comes with some costs; the cost of the batteries, the man-hours needed, the environmental impact, and the perceived environmental ignorance by customers reflecting on tens of thousands of disposable batteries wasted regularly.

    Sustainable retail

    Sustainability is an essential megatrend in retail. Digitalization is used to optimize logistics and visibility of short dates to minimize food waste and much more.

    One of the forerunners in sustainable retail is Swedish IKEA. In 2021 they made the interesting decision to minimize the sale and use of disposable batteries. They are ahead of planned regulations regarding disposable batteries and will surely see many other retailers with a sustainability profile follow suit.

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    Electronic Shelf Label powered by light

    Next-generation ESL:s

    Develop your next version of ESL:s together with Epishine and our solar cells with industry-leading performance in low light.

    Light powered ESL:s has the following advantages:

    • Maintenance-free
    • 10+ years of life-time
    • Thinner design than with batteries
    • Is a sign for sustainable retail 
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    Cut maintenance cost up to


    Reduce environmental impact up to


    Extended battery lifetime years up to


    Our passionate team is here to support you

    Epishine's Product Integration Team has cutting-edge competence in energy harvesting for low-power electronics. Light Power is a relatively new approach, so our Product Integration Team is a highly valued partner of our customers.

    Electronics for light powered products
    Jesper Nilsson, Technical Project Manager

    Mechanical integration of Epishine’s solar cells
    Tom Larsson, Product Design Engineer
    Flexibility of the solar cells
    Nikolaos Felekidis, Senior RnD Engineer
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