REMOTE IOT will drive Light Energy Harvesting

Cut maintenance costs!

Maintenance costs for remote sensors and displays will drive solutions that don't require battery replacements.

The digital transformation pushes the need for such numbers of measuring points or small remote displays that solutions that avoid unreasonable battery maintenance becomes urgent.

Truly wireless is a must

Wireless data has created the first generation of remote sensors / displays. To broaden the digital transformation the problem of battery maintenance must be solved with some kind of wireless power.

Battery-free sensors
Epishines new evaluation kit, with example components for small energy storage (CAP-XX) and micro power management (e-peas)
Sensor with integrated organic solar cell from Epishine for light energy harvesting
Integrated light energy harvesting

Use your indoor lighting for wireless power

With our organic light cells, you can power-supply sensors or displays by harvesting the light from ordinary indoor lighting – an almost magic solution to reach reasonable maintenance costs.

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Customer stories

Per Melin, Co-Founder of Pollux at Epishine's product release
Pollux Innovation
Per Melin, Co-Founder

Temperature & humidity sensor

Andres Gomez, Research Engineer at Miromico AG at Epishine's product release
Andres Gomez, Research Engineer

Mirocard - Flexible access card or sensor platform

Hans Ahnström, CEO of ACSS at Epishine's product release
Hans Ahnström, CEO

Electronic locks

Team up with us to become a leader within SUSTAINABLE IOT

You have the IoT
We have the magic power

Do you want to provide the IoT-technology that enables large-scale scattered deployments? We have a disruptive light cell for energy harvesting indoors and a very supportive electronics-mechatronics-design team.

Image of an leaf

Epishine’s light energy harvesting cells are non-toxic, based on organic electronics and encapsulated in recyclable plastics. The thin, flexible cells can easily be integrated into typical plastic-based sensor / display housings.

Image of a lamp (bulb)

Epishine’s light energy harvesting cells are designed for ambient ligh from low energy lighting, optimized for the corner cases indoors when you have very little light to harvest.

Thin and flexible

The light cells are thin and flexible. They can easily be integrated into your sensors housing without adding any extra weight or space in the mechanical casing.

modern look and feel

The form factor can even be used in rounded or curved surfaces for a modern look and feel. You can also design with different overlays for best look and feel.

Enabling a sustainable IoT-growth

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