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Enabling sustainable buildings by eliminating disposable batteries and maintenance

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A future with fewer disposable batteries

The accelerating digital transformation requires new solutions such as energy harvesting to cut the cost of battery replacements and reduce the environmental impact by eliminating the need to replace potentially trillions of disposable batteries.

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Cut your maintenance costs for battery replacements
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Temperature and humidity sensors

The real estate sector is at the forefront of digitalisation. The need for many measuring points increases the urgency for solutions that avoid unreasonable battery maintenance.

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Wireless data has created the first generation of smart buildings. To digitalise larger property stocks the problem of battery maintenance must be solved with some kind of wireless power.

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Smoke alarms

With our organic indoor solar cells, you can power-supply sensors by harvesting the light from ordinary indoor lighting – an almost magic solution to reach reasonable maintenance costs for your building automation.

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MClimate Releases Maintenance Free CO2 Display Powered By Organic Indoor Solar Cells from Epishine and LoRaWAN®

MClimate in joint efforts with Epishine, a leading indoor solar cell producer, is now offering the self-powered CO2 Display that can monitor Carbon dioxide (CO2). Using a low-power NDIR sensing module provided by one of the leading manufacturers worldwide, the device can be used for any indoor space like classrooms, offices, hospitals, shops, public buildings, and many more. 
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Pioneering Energy-Harvesting Companies, Epishine and Brilliant Matters, Join Forces to Take Light-Harvesting to the Next Level

Organic solar cell manufacturer Epishine and organic semiconductor producer Brilliant Matters are proud to announce that they are joining forces in an Eurostars project to take the next step towards the most scalable and sustainable energy-harvesting solution.
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Epishine’s Unique Production Process Brings Further Advancements to the Solar Energy Industry

Swedish Epishine has made advancements for printed outdoor organic photovoltaics within the Solar Era funded project NFA4R2ROPV thanks to their breakthrough manufacturing process of roll-to-roll printed solar cells.   
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EU grants 25 MSEK to Epishine

 The Sunrise project has now received a grant of SEK 25 million from the EU's LIFE fund, which will contribute to developing Epishine's production of indoor solar cells further. 

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Epishine is building a new solar cell factory

The market's response has been overwhelming and thus, to meet the international demand, Epishine will relocate to larger premises.

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ASCA and Epishine

Signing their first licensing agreement for printed OPV to strengthen and further develop the world-wide OPV market.