use case – sensors and IOT

Three ways Epishine can improve your sensors

Epishine customers cut their maintenance cost for sensors by an average of 80% and reduce their climate impact with up to 99% by replacing their batteries with our solution.

A sustainable, maintenance-free solution

Our thin, light-weighted organic PV module is combined with a small supercapacitor enabling sensors to work for days – even when there is no indoor light.

This gives you the opportunity to:

Eliminate batteries completely.

Extend battery lifetime by more than 10 years.

Complement your battery with a LEH module to get rid of maintenance and improve user experience.

Provide augmented functionality to sensors such as:

Self-healing - sensors come back online as soon as there is light.

Temperature-resistant - sensors can be used in cold temperatures.

Additional features enabled when using a cell and battery.

full design freedom

Our thin cells fit into any sensor, almost unnoticeable

Cell on top

Partially covered cell

Fully covered cell and no battery

(enabling a slim profile)

Temperature changes are no problem

Batteries lose up to 75% of their capacity in -20 degrees Celsius. With Epishine, your sensors are no longer temperature sensitive and maintenance costs rapidly drop by more than 80%.

light energy harvesting cells

Good for the environment, good for you

Epishine’s light energy harvesting cells are non-toxic and fully organic. The thin, flexible cells can easily be integrated into displays.

Fully organic

Epishine’s light energy harvesting cells are fully organic, meaning they’re free of metal and toxic materials.

Thin and flexible

They’re thin and flexible. They can easily be integrated into your displays without adding any extra weight or space in the mechanical casing.

modern look and feel

The form factor can even be used in rounded or curved surfaces for a modern look and feel.

Battery-free, no-maintenance and low cost. That’s the Epishine solution.

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